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Fractal Universe

Pulse Jump Technology

For centuries the emptiness of space and perpetual light of the stars had represented a completely indecipherable mystery to our civilization.  After living in times of conflict, decadence and revolution, we have understood that the only way to ensure our existence is to explore the vast universe in search of habitable places for a new start.

We have learned to travel in the darkness of the galaxy and right now our borders seem to be infinite under the vibrant mantle of the cosmos.  However, the void keeps many secrets, in this crusade we will find abstract enigmas, spectacular life forms, unique minerals, dream-like  planets, other civilizations and hundreds of events that escape our understanding.

The chains of an ancient empire, the ruins of eternal guardians and incorporeal entities, hide a secret that should not be disturbed. It is  time to write a new story, the epic odyssey of our future, a future where there are only two ways, survival or extinction. 

Are you  prepared commander?

Game Objective

A new era

In Fractal: Beyond The Void the player takes command of one of  numerous emerging empires and sets out to explore the galaxy, unravel its secrets, fight for the habitable planets, seek out resources and secure prestige and power. In a standard scenario, the player who reaches 6 victory points wins the game.  

There are several ways to secure victory points: 

Military Might (Green Points) 

Politics and Empire Building (Red Points)

Exploration and Mysteries (Purple Points)

Scientific and Social Advancement (Blue Points)

Trade (Yellow Points) 

After one of the players reaches the victory conditions a special ending event takes place, which based on the victory point composition may alter the rules and victory conditions of the next game.  Additionally, some victory scenarios will unlock new components stored in containers in the game box. 

Fractal: BTV adjusts itself to the game style of the players and offers a fresh experience in-between the games.  Whether your focus is on building a technocratic empire, dominating your fellow players by brute force or unraveling the secrets of the stars, be prepared to feel the consequences of your actions in the next game. A set of scenarios, triggered by ending states  is there to make your experience unique and wanting to discover new strategies and mysteries.

Game Structure and Mechanics

Acolytes of the Sword


The game consists of 6 cycles organized in 3 ages (being  composed of two cycles), each Ages has different pool of technologies, objectives  and mysteries. At the beginning of each cycle the players choose policies (Politics Phase, players with high influence has more control  over this phase), earn resources (Income Phase, player with more  production zones active will produce more resources) and execute actions  (Action Phase).

During the Action Phase players will perform:

Basic Actions (March, Colonize, Investigate, Recruit)
Financing  requests (Actions performed without spending credits but blocking the basic action)
Action Cards (2 per player for each cycle, this cards change the game  drastically and players need to choose carefully each card, after plays  the second card on the current cycle they pass intermediately preventing  them to take more actions during the current cycle)

Through the cycle players generate victory points by Completing  objectives (Different objectives en each Age), Destroy colonies  (Military Victory Points) or Control Amalur Sector (Dream like utopia  planet in the center of the galaxy, control this sector generate  exploration victory points.

This set of mechanics combines with Game States, Hidden content and more than 10 playable factions makes each session of Fractal: BTV unique and memorable.

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